Status update says Employment Authorization application in H1B amendment

Hi ,
I am working for a service based company. My H1 Amendment for a client change is applied in November 2018 , received an RFE and responded to that in May’19. Response to RFE is not yet received. History of the case updated on 12/10/19 that “your inquiry about the status of your Employment Authorization application, referral number SRXXXXXXX, was completed.” May I know what does it mean. I have not applied for any Employment authorization.

JFYI - My I-94 expired on Nov 10th 2019. My 6 years of H1B is also completed on 10th Nov 2019. Have applied extension in Oct '19 with approved I-140 , received an RFE to submit the status of the above mentioned amendment and respond.

Your H1B application is a work authorization application.