Status changed to 'Card was delivered' but got approval notice only, no card yet

Hi Anil,

Looking for your guidance on this:

H4EAD case filed on 10 August 2020 at California center.
Case was approved on 9 Feb 2021.
Card was mailed to me on 10 Feb 2021.
Status changed to ‘Card was delivered to me’ on 13 Feb 2021.

I have USPS informed delivery from 13 Feb 2021, where in the email I saw that only 1 envelope was delivered. I used to tracking number mentioned on the case status and checked the mail to only find the approval notice. No card.

So the tracking number is for the approval notice? Am I missing something? I thought the tracking number was for the card.

Anyway, how long till I should wait for the card and what should be my next steps?

Mailman had misplaced the card. Approached the mailman today about it and he opened up the other mailboxes and found the card and gave it to us.

Note for everyone else:
Don’t trust anything. Ask for the mail to be held at USPS office and go pick it up yourself.
The card comes in a priority mail envelope which has red borders. It won’t show up in your USPS informed delivery email service if you have it.
If they say its been delivered and you don’t get it, go to USPS the same day and ask to speak with the postmaster to get it resolved. More time it takes, more unlikely it will be that it could get lost.

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