Starting GC with sister company?

Hello Anil ,

My current company A is causing delay for starting my GC process.(more 6 months) .They have a sister company B and have an adverstisement ready now and want me to start my process with them.
I have a few questions based on this

  1. Is it best to wait for a few months and start GC with current company ?
    Are there any consequences of starting with sister company ?

  2. Once sister company B I 140 is approved , do I have do work on their payroll for 6 months ? Will someone question me later during GC process ?

  3. Can I use sister company’s I 140 for extensions with current employer ?

  4. Once my 485 is approved , I should file a h1 transfer to sister company ?? Or is it better to do the transfer now if I file with them ?

I would appreciate your response.

@Anil_Gupta could you please respond?

I would appreciate your response

1 - There is no downside to start GC with sister company. You dont have to work for them while theyve filed your GC
2 - You can leave as soon as your I140 is approved. You dont have to be on their payroll. The 6 month rule is for EAD/pending 485
3 - Yes you can
4 - Once 485 is approved, you dont need H1 anymore. You can leverage EAD and should you need H1, the sister company can file it any time

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What is the relevance of the word ‘sister’ here? Its a different company and it does not matter if its sister or brother company.

You are technically filing PERM and i140 with a different company.

Employer can withdraw i140 if you don’t stay with them for at least 180 days after approval.

485 approval means you have got green card. Why would you use H1B if you have got green card?

Thank you Anil.

Yes , there is no relevance to sister company. It’s just a different company.

Do you see any challenges to file with a different company while working for one ?