Standalone H4 EAD expedite denied saying Biometric is pending

Hello ,
I have my H-4 approved through drop box interview in India 2019.
I applied for H4-EAD on Dec 13 2020 , i tried to expedite my case in first week of May 2020 after it crossed normal processing time.My expedite request was denied with reason “Biometric Pending” . For H4-EAD only I 765 is required not I 539 , it’s not the case of H4 extension and H4 EAD. I never had any H4 Extension done in USA.Is it required to go for Biometric if only H4 EAD is filed ? Is this not USCIS error ?

Looks like a USCIS mistake as there is no Biometric required for Standalone H4 EAD application.

Request them again.

Thanks for your quick reply. Anil.

My case expedite request denied twice , on raising " Out of processing time " request the update on case says " Case is under background verification process" . Is there any time length of background verification ? It’s already been more than 5 months the case is filed.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed time for background verification.

Thanks for your response, trying my last resort Congresswomen/Ombudsman.