Standalone H4 EAD expedite denied saying Biometric is pending

Hello ,
I have my H-4 approved through drop box interview in India 2019.
I applied for H4-EAD on Dec 13 2020 , i tried to expedite my case in first week of May 2020 after it crossed normal processing time.My expedite request was denied with reason “Biometric Pending” . For H4-EAD only I 765 is required not I 539 , it’s not the case of H4 extension and H4 EAD. I never had any H4 Extension done in USA.Is it required to go for Biometric if only H4 EAD is filed ? Is this not USCIS error ?

Looks like a USCIS mistake as there is no Biometric required for Standalone H4 EAD application.

Request them again.

Thanks for your quick reply. Anil.

My case expedite request denied twice , on raising " Out of processing time " request the update on case says " Case is under background verification process" . Is there any time length of background verification ? It’s already been more than 5 months the case is filed.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed time for background verification.

Thanks for your response, trying my last resort Congresswomen/Ombudsman.

USCIS denied two expedite request and one request for Out of normal processing time . I contacted congresswomen before my case was Out of normal processing time but to Ombudsman once the case was Out of normal processing time with all the details of service request and response from USCIS .Ombudsman accepted my case as urgent. I got a response from OMBUDSMAN contacting USCIS on May 19th and my case got approved on May 22nd.

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Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your case details.

I am a physical therapist and applied for H4 and H4-EAD extension expedition request. USCIS denied it mentioning biometrics have not been done. Is there a way to get biometrics done asap or any other way to get H4 and EAD approved sooner?

Hello, I tried to call the custcare on July 30 to expedite my H4 EAD but they mentioned I have my biometrics pending which is for Aug 17th 2021. As someone said previously biometrics is not required for H4 EAD. I am planning to complete this biometrics and call them back again and raise a expedite. Do you know if we can call immediately after I finish my biometric(same day) to request expedite or should I wait for the their system got updated if any?