SSN office can't find i94 details - Asked to wait 30 days?

Hello guys,

I got my new I-94 approved dated 7/23/2019 and went to SSA to apply for a new card/new SSN. The officer encoded my details twice but shows an error (i.e. information mis-match, etc). He then said that likely DHS/USCIS has not updated yet or has not finished the formalities for my details.

He recommended to come back after 30 days from 7.23.2019 to ensure their system has already my details.

Is this really the case? Appreciate your thoughts/experiences.

Thank you

Hi @pogingastig

What visa have you used to enter US? What status is written on your i94?

hi @Anil_Gupta

it was initially B2 visa then had a change to E2 visa… approval as mentioned was july 23 but SSN said the database/information from DHS is not yet updated thus they could not proceed to process or generate a new SSN for me.

i was advised by the officer to come back in 30 days to check (meaning not confirm still).

Any inputs? thank you

Since, you changed your status within US, it may take time to get i94 results in their system from USCIS.

You should wait as suggested by SSN officer.

hello @Anil_Gupta

sorry for the question (& rush)… do you think it’s worth trying to go back to SSN on the 14th August to try to apply for SSN? Because I will be on leave that day and would like to maximize my time to be productive.

im aware the SSA officer said be back after 30 days (23rd Aug). Thanks

Hello @Anil_Gupta

I went to SSA office today, the officer processed my application for SSN but when she handed over a paper to me:

  • This is your acknowledgement receipt, your application will be verified with the Federal/State/USCIS agencies and may take 4 weeks . Once verified, the SSN will be mailed to you automatically.

I’m not sure if this will even take longer than having to wait for 30 days such that SSN can be issued immediately to me.

Any thoughts?

Hi @pogingastig
SSN is not issued immediately. It normally takes 4-6 weeks.

Just got update from SSA office, they said after verifying with uscis/dhs, e2 visa holders are not eligible for SSN…

This is weird for me cause anywhere else i see e2 are eligible for ssn.

Do you think applying with another ssa office may work?

Hi @pogingastig

Do you have any official documentation from USCIS where it says E2 visa holders are eligible for SSN?

hi @Anil_Gupta, it is in their website only.

Hi @pogingastig

Then, you can show it to SSN office and ask for their opinion.

hi @Anil_Gupta, i went back to SSA today and re-applied for SSN… There is still a mismatch with the information thus they will send another round of verification with SAVE (2nd time)