SSN not received after H4 EAD card

Hi Anil,

Thank you very much for help me to applied an EAD by myself. Happy New Year!!

I received my EAD on Nov.16, 2018. But until today I didn’t receive my SSN., and I didn’t move. I applied my EAD and SSNit in the same time.

And I called USCIS yesterday, they said I need call the Social Security office.

When I called Social Security office, they said I need call the USCIS.

So, I called the USCIS again, they told me all the SSN’s problems were belong to the Social Security office.
I don’t know how to do and where is the problem.

Thank you so much again. Thank you for spend your time with me .

What did SSN office say? Do they have any application with your name pending with your name or not?

If no application is pending with SSN office with your name, you can apply again by directly visiting SSN office with your EAD card. It’s easy.

They just said I need call the USCIS and didn’t check anything with my information.

So, I should call the SSN office and check if there have my pending application? If no, I can apply again with my EAD card, right?

Thanks a lot for give me an answer, thank you!!

Yes, you have to check with SSN office.
The normal time is 3-6 weeks for SSN to arrive.

It is possible that there is delay due to current government shutdown and holidays.

So, I would suggest to wait another week and then contact SSN office.

CC: @Anil_Gupta
The EAD for my spouse was approved in mid June and we received the EAD card mid July. In the application for EAD, we had checked “apply for SSN” in form I-765.

It has been 6 weeks since the EAD was approved and 2 weeks since we received the card.

Any guidance on what we should do?

Hi @anuragtech90

Please read my response earlier. It clearly tells you what to do.

Hi Anurag, did you got the SSN? How much time it took to receive SSN after EAD card? Did you visited the SSA office or the SSN came to you by default as you have checked the box while applying EAD ?

I received my wife EAD and still waiting g for the SSN so checking