Spouse points for MLTSSL vs STSOL

Hi Everyone,

Me and my wife have submitted ACS assessment for Developer Programmer (MLTSSL) and Support and Test Engineer (STSOL) respectively.

The rule for claiming 10 spouse points say that both of us need to be on the same skill list. But I am under the impression that states accepting my wife’s STSOL should also accept my skill as it falls under MTSSL.

Can I claim 10 points for spouse if I am applying for 190 Visa for a state that has Support and Test Engineer on the list? Would this be true if we flip this around, ie, my spouse to be primary and claim 10 spouse points for me.

Note: We both have 79+ in PTE so the English criteria is satisfied.I am looking for ways to secure maximum points for partner skill.

I would really appreciate any thoughts/ideas on this.

I don’t think you can claim points for spouse if their job code is in different list.

Thanks Anil for your quick response. Do you have any suggestions on how I can find this for sure.

This may sound like a silly question since I haven’t filed EOI yet and I am new to this. If I am not eligible to claim points, will SkillSelect do some skill validation and prevent me from claiming 10 points OR will it still allow me to claim points and result in some trouble later.

You will have to prove everything once you get invite.

If you cannot prove it, you will lose your visa fees.

Also, you can check it in EOI if it is giving you points for spouse or not. There is no cost to file EOI. You can change it any number of times.

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