Spouse EE profile - Study and languages

Hey - I don’t want to claim spouse point. What should I choose in this “Has your spouse finished high school or any higher education (including university, college or vocational training)?” option.

If I choose Yes then I need to fill all the details of her Bachelor degree and choose No for “Was your spouse awarded a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate for this period of study?” option.

If I do that then later when I get ITA, do I need to share my spouse documents too? or should I just choose NO in the first option? Please advice. Thank you!

You have to choose ‘yes’ to spouse’s education and share the documents even if you do not want to claim spouse points.

Thanks Anil for your response. When I followed the provided link then I noticed a conflict statement in the Spouse Details section “Remember that whatever you enter here, you’ll have to provide documentation for the same. If you enter Education and Work History then you will be asked to provide ECA and reference letter. If you do not wish to claim education then leave them blank. DO NOT answer them”. Sorry but still want to double check that we are on same page. I don’t have my Spouse’s education ECA and don’t want to process that. Later, if they ask for my spouse ECA, I won’t be able to provide that. Please advice.

Follow the article then. It has tried and tested information.