Spelling Mistake on H4 Application

Hello Anil,

USCIS did mistake on my wife’s last name. I see wrong lastname on H4 receipt and biometrics appointment letter. I cross verified the Form I-539 that my attorney submitted, attorney entered it properly.

Current scheduled appointment is on Feb 18. Can we get this fixed before biometrics? do my attorney should be able to correct thru online request ? Do we need to reschedule biometrics as we need to fix the name first?

If its USCIS mistake, you can call them and they will fix it free of cost.

Do you know which number to reach them?

Check on USCIS website. I don’t have the number handy.

Hi Skyrocket ,

I am also on the exact same boat only difference is that I have raised an SRXXXXXXX request , Can you please let me know what happened at biometrics and does the name issue got resolved ?