Social media details for DS 160

I am filling DS 160 for the first time. one of the question in the form is about social media platforms. I have following questions regarding that.

i generaly use youtube via my google account. i have not created any channel on youtube. How do i provide my details for youtube in DS160?
Should i just provide my gmail id which i use to login to youtube?

Also i had a facebook acount which i have deleted 2-3 months back. I dont remember my handle for the account. All i have is the username which i used for logging in to the facebook. Should i just provide that username?
Also how do i mention that the account is closed?


Hi @Arjun_Singh

You can provide your gmail ID that you use to log in to YouTube.

There is no option to provide if the Facebook account has been closed. Just provide whatever ID you remember and you should be fine.