Skills Assessment, Evidence of - Australia Visa


(Anil Gupta) #1

Education and Work experience Skills Assessment

Provide a certified copy of your skills assessment issued by the relevant skills assessment body.

Example, if you used ACS assessment for your evaluation, you should attach a copy here.

Is certification / Notary needed for Skills Assessment?

The official guidance says that you should submit ‘Certified copy’.

But, I have heard many people submitting the simple original color pdf file without certification and have faced no query from CO (Case officer). They have finally got the PR (Permanent residency) visa too.

I think that you should play safe and upload the certified copy to avoid un-necessary CO queries and wastage of time.

(Gurminder Singh) #2

Hi Anil, I have got the Invitation, in November. However my skill assessment got expire prior to that i.e in month of September. As per the skill assessment Authority my results are valid for 24 months and also at the time of EOI submission my results were valid.

Now that I have the Invitation for Visa, shall I still have to go through skill Assessment ?

At many places on immigration site it is mentioned the skill assessment are valid for 3 years.

Please advise.

(Anil Gupta) #3

Hi @Gurminder_Singh

The link that you shared clearly says this:
Assessments are valid until whichever comes first:

  • 3 years from their issue date unless a shorter period is listed on the assessment
  • the expiry date on the assessment

As per your language, it seems your assessment letter has an expiry date of September.
This means that you have to get assessment done again if you want to submit your application.

Make sure you do it fast as you only have 60 days to accept your invitation.

(Gurminder Singh) #4

Alrite, this make sense. Thank You.