Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) 491 visa

I have only 3 years of work experience as software tester and i have got 75 points and my blood brother is sponsoring me to queensland state australia under regional 491 visa. now will acs deduct my work experience will i get 491 visa? can someone guide me ?

ACS will deduct years irrespective of the type of visa you apply.

I can’t say if you will get invite with 75 points. Chances look low at this time.

Can’t i get the 491 visa with 75-80 points and also my brother is sponsoring me not the state and also why they mention that for 491 visa minimum is 65 points ?

Hi @harish_jain

You may get an invite but generally the invites are sent to highest point holders.

At this time, as per my opinion, the points requirement is around 85. Rest depends on state and their internal criteria of choosing applications.

Minimum points of 65 are required. That’s Australia Immigration rule. I don’t know why they chose 65.

Thankyou for your quick response .I have a another doubt with 491 visa .If my brother who is sponsoring me and he lives in a city not a regional area so will his sponsorship be valid for my 491 regional area.can he sponsor me ? or will my brother should also be in a regional area to sponsor me?

Your brother should also live in a regional area to sponsor.