Skilled Employment Result recognizes work experience from ACCA associate membership date?

(Shabana Noreen ) #1

Hi Anil

I have received my skilled employment outcome letter from CPA Australia. I qualified ACCA in 2007 and got my ACCA associate membership in 2011. I have worked in an audit firm from June 2008 to Feb 2018. But on the letter that i’ve received from CPA Australia, it says that "to be considered skilled employment, your professional experience must have been taken after you demonstrated successful completion of the academic requirements for a skill assessment. You met this requirement upon achieving Associate membership status with ACCA.

Does this mean the assessment body only recognized my work experience from 2011 to 2018 and not 2008 to 2018?

(Anil Gupta) #2

Yes, that’s what it means in the letter that your relevant work experience for EOI points starts from 2011.

(Shabana Noreen ) #3

Thanks for the response anil.

Does that mean I will need to get my further work experience assessed too if I want to claim points for it? Cause I had only provided them 2008 to 2018 supports… will I need to get the job experience after 2018 assessed by them as well to claim points?

(Anil Gupta) #4

You should have given all your work experience to get maximum juice.

You should get a new assessment if you want to get more points.

(Shabana Noreen ) #5

Do you think i should get my assessment done from another assessment body? There are three assessment bodies that carry out the assessment for “External Auditor”. CPA Australia has deducted more than three years of my work experience, which has reduced my points from 15 to only 10 now. Do you think if i apply for an assessment from another body there is a possibility that they will recognize my total work experience from 2008 and not from 2011 (when i obtained ACCA Associate membership status)?

(Anil Gupta) #6

I do not know if applying with a different assessment agency will actually give you more years of work experience.

You can try if you want.