Skill Letter from past 10 years employment

Hi Anil,

What do you mean by Skill Letter from past 10 years employment in Skill Select PR invitation requirement? Is it the same as positive outcome assessment letter from Engineers Australia or School certificates or Certificate of Employment?

In my case, Im a Filipino currently staying in UAE for almost 11yrs. My employment for that last 10yrs are in UAE. Do I need to notarized all the letters in my home country?


Yes, you will need employment letter for your last 10 years employment and then get assessment done.

The assessment agency will need the employment letter to judge your work suitability with your ANZSCO code.

Notarization can be done from anywhere including UAE or your home country.

Actually I already have a positive outcome letter from Engineers Australia last Aug. 2018. Would like to know if do I need to notarized the same document submitted to EA (e.g. Certificate of Employment, School Certificate) or only EA positive assessment outcome letter?


You need to upload both assessment letter and notarized work experience letters while filing visa application.