Skill Letter for Canada skill migration - What to write?


(anonymous1) #1

Hi Anil,

I am planning to immigrate to Canada.

For that i would want to get a skills certificate from previous company. I have worked for 13 years in the previous company ( software services company - TCS) wherein I had held many different roles and responsibilities.

Out of which major were in the areas of Program, Account Management, Project Management, Business & Presales Support.

(in the other words I was drawn away from technological field to more of management work).

So what has happened is; over years, I have not remained hands on with technologies like C, Java etc… Also my domain area has been into Real-time applications and Control & Automation field.

So I would like to understand what should I mention as my skills in skills certificate.

(Anil Gupta) #2

This letter format works for all countries including Canada:

You should write the exact points and technologies that you have worked on.

I cannot really frame the points for you but with the sample above, you can frame it pretty well yourself.