Skill assessment for ICT BUSINESS ANALYST


I am an analytics professional with 6.5 years of work experience. I have a 4 years’ B.Tech degree in computer science. Plus I have a 2 years’ MBA degree (Post Graduate Degree in Management) with Major in Information Technology and Minor in Marketing. My work experience is entirely post-MBA. I am going ahead with my skill assessment for ICT Business Analyst (ANZSCO Code: 261111)

I want to know :

  1. How much points will my experience and education will fetch me. Any guidance will be helpful.
    P.S. I already have 20 points from PTE and will have 30 points from my age.

  2. For education, which qualification should I submit for assessment? I didn’t see any points for Master’s qualification in Australian Home Affairs website.

  3. What is the current cutoff points to receive PR invitation - for ICT Business Analyst?

My aim is to receive maximum marks. What should I do?


Work experience Points for Business Analyst

It depends on how much relevancy is found for your work experience by ACS.
If you have used the points calculator, you can find out what will be the total points based on your selections here:

Bachelor/Masters is considered same for Australia Points

There is no separate point category for masters. You should select bachelor/Master and the points are same.

Current cut-off for Business Analyst

As per the last official data shared by Australia immigration for Oct 11 draw, the cut off for Business analyst is 75 points.
We track cut offs for all job codes here:

Thank you for your swift response. My skill set is relevant since the beginning. But I have read everywhere that ACS invariably deducts 2 years from your total work experience.

So that leaves me with 4.5 years of experience and guarantees only 5 points. It will make my total 70. Also my wife’s experience is in HR Domain which is in different skill list than Mine.

So I can’t get 5 points from hers. So should I wait for 6 more months before my skill assessment? What’s your suggestion on this?

Yes, ACS deducts 2 years if your education is in the same field as your work.
They deduct 4 years if your education is not relevant to your work experience. That’s their rule.

There is no need to wait for ACS assessment.
Even after the ACS assessment, you can claim the current job’s experience. As and when your total relevant experience goes above 5 years, your points will automatically increase.

So, my suggestion is to file ACS as early as possible and then file Australia EOI as early as possible to get in the queue.

Ok. Thanks a lot. Just for my curiosity, how can I claim for my increasing job experience. And when? Coz what I have read till now - after I have submit my EOI, I will receive the PR application request only if I am having the adequate points for my skill set. And since the selection happens PRO rata basis, my EOI will continue to have the same old points. There may be new candidates sending EOI with higher points. Then my EOI gets deprioritized.

Am I thinking correctly? Just trying to understand how it works.


Your understanding of the EOI process is a bit wrong.

When you file your EOI, you will have the option of keeping the ‘END date’ for your current active employment as ‘BLANK’ i.e… no end date.

With this, EOI automatically updates every day and will automatically increase your points to 75 as and when your work experience reaches 5 years.

See more information here:

Sample EOI is available here:

Hi Anil,

I am analytics professional & my title is Business Analyst. Can I apply for ICT Business Analyst? My work is mostly into strategy analytics, sort of an internal consultant role.
I did my Btech post which I worked for ~3 years & then went for my MBA for 2 years & joined the analytics job post MBA. Been around 2.5 years in the job now… will I need to complete 4 years as my masters degree is non ICT whereas my Bachelors was ICT?