Simultaneous applications for H4 and H4-EAD and COS to F1

Hi Anil,

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I am currently on my H4 and both my H4 and H4-EAD will expire soon. I will be applying for extension.

There’s also a bright chance that I will get a grad school admit and I will apply for COS to F1.

If I put in an application for (H4 and H4-EAD extension) and while it is under processing, is it alright also to apply for COS to F1 when the I20 eventually arrives?

Will the parallel applications go against me?

Thank you for your advice!

Hi Anil,

I just wanted to make sure you got to read my above query.

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Parallel applications should not affect each other but your status might be affected based on which one gets approved first.

Thank you Anil.

My current job will end on June 15th 'cos my H4-EAD will expire on June 15th. I’m applying for an extension before that and hopefully will get for 3 years.

Also, now I have a confirmed PhD admit with assistantship offer.

  1. Should I / Can I enroll for my PhD when my new H4-EAD comes in? Will I be eligible to accept assistantship?

  2. Should I do a COS to F1 (just to be independent of spouse visa)

Sorry for many questions, but will really appreciate your response.

Thank you!

I don’t understand the relationship between studying and working H4-EAD.

What’s the confusion here?