Should l wait to get 10 years of experience to apply for skills assessment?

I am trying for Australia PR. I will get 10 years of experience in August 2020. Should I apply for skills assessment now or in August to get full points for experience. I am trying for 189/190 visa

Hi @Arpika

My suggestion is to apply assessment now and then keep the ‘end date’ blank in your EOI. The Skillselect system will automatically add your experience to your profile if you keep working for same company.

Hi Anil,
In a similar case, i have 7 years of experience in one IT company from Jul 12 to Aug 19. I have joined a new IT company from Nov 19 and working as on date. I have already applied for ACS assessment for the seven years and intend to claim points post completion of 8 years. What should I do while filing the EoI? Do i have to do ACS assessment again post completion of 8 years?

Hi @Bond_007

If you change employer after the assessment, then you need a new assessment.

The option of claiming time after assessment is only available in case you keep working for same employer.

Thanks Anil for the clarification, duly noted.

  1. Do we need to attest all the documents for ACS skill assesment like qualifications, reference letter from HR on company letter head
  2. Do we need to get the payslip of the colleague who is giving us reference letter or my payslip is enough for employment reference along with notary

Hi @Arpika

Notary is not required for ACS as per their new process.

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