Should I wait for h4 approval or am I eligible to apply for passport now?

@Anil_Gupta I want to apply for Indian passport renewal in USA. My current status is h4 change of status I-539 is pending with USCIS for last 4 months. My current passport expires in July 2020. I have few questions regarding passport application which are mentioned below.

  1. Should I wait for h4 approval or am I eligible to apply for passport now?
  2. I have been through passport application of CKGS, I choose pending application at USCIS option as current immigration status and application asks me to notarised “Affidavit for no status form” at the end. Will there be any problem if I apply for renewal of passport now with “no status form”?
  3. One of question for Affidavit for no status form is “I could not apply for renewal / reissue of my passport in time due to…” But, I am applying for renewal of passport before it even expires. I do not know what to answer.
  4. Does CKGS renew the passport based on I-797c receipt?

Please guide me on this passport application process. I appreciate it.

You can apply your Indian passport with pending H4 COS application.

The pending i797 receipt is acceptable by CKGS.

You can simply give the reason as processing delays by USCIS and it has no fault of yours. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many people file these days with same reason as USCIS processing times are in months.

You will get your new passport. No need to worry.

Thank you for your answer. I will apply for passport with I-797c receipt and no status form(with reason USCIS delaying process).

I hope I get passport renew without any problem.

@Anil_Gupta Hi Anil, I have question regarding a marriage certificate. When I filled CKGS passport application form I selected that I do not want to add spouse name in passport. So I selected NO for “do you want to add spouse name”. But, when I filled online NRI passport application form which MANDATORY requires to add/write spouse name when you selected an option of “married”. My checklist does not require a marriage certificate or any proof of spouse as I selected an option that I do not want to add spouse name in CKGS application.

Question: Now I donot know what to do? Should I send marriage cerificate and copy of biographical pages of spouse passport to CKGS even though they do not require in their checklist? Or send it later if they need it?

I do not want to add spouse name in passport but Indian NRI passport application mandatory requires to add spouse name if you select “married” as an option. Please guide me on this issue.

There is no need to send marriage certificate if its not showing up in CKGS checklist.

@Anil_Gupta I hope I get passport renewed on time because while filling CKGS application I put I donot want to add spouse name. But, when I fill NRI application passport form I have to because its mandatory.

In NRI passport application when they create passport future sample page at the end it even shows my spouse name.

Does CKGS would add spouse name or not?

They should not add spouse name if you have chosen not to add.