Should I renew my skills assessment?

@Anil_Gupta, I’m in a great Dilama if I have to spend more money on renewing for aus pr , need your expert opinion.

  1. I currently have 90 Points for 189 visa, and 95 for 190 visa.
  2. This is going to reduce by 5 points in December.
  3. My spouse skills assessment is going to expire in December as well. To renew it takes 500$ or so.
  4. I will gain back 5points in May 2021
  5. But my PTE will expire in July, to retake pte is again 10k rs.
  6. My skills assessment will Also expire in July 2021 and is again another 500$.

Having all this and the fact that due to covid there are no invites since many months. Should I have any chance? Or is it worth spending more than 1L money to be in the race?

Please suggest.
Many Thanks.,

If you really want Australia PR, it is better to stay in the race.

If you get out of the queue, you may lose your spot if they open up the invites again.