Should I go for ACS assessment this year or next year if I have 7 years relevant work experience?

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My timeline & current status:

Age: 36
2006 Completed Bachelors (Computer Science) India
2006-2008 Relevant work experience (2 years) India
2008-2010 Studied Master in Computer Science (2 years) United States
2010- present Relevant work experience (9 years) in India
PTE with 79+ (Superior)

I am NOT done with ACS assessment, which is my dilemma, when to go for ACS assessment, right now or after one year? I am aiming for max work experience of 8+ years to get 75 points for 189 visa (assuming my studies qualify for being ICT Major Software Engineer (ANZSCO code 2613)).

If I go for ACS assessment now, applying the rule for ACS, I would be awarded 7 years in both cases, deduct 2 years from last 10 years or deduct 4 years from total work experience, which is one year short from getting 8+ years work experience.

Options I have:

  1. Wait for a year and then go for ACS assessment in 2020 to get 8+ years and then file EOI and hope for invite in 2020 with 75 points(189 visa) & 80 points (190visa).

  2. Go for ACS assessment now, get 7 years as work experience & leave the end date for current employment blank. This way I’ll be in pool this year with 70 points for 189 visa & 75 points for 190 visa. Due to 42% reduction in quotas, 70 won’t fetch an invite in 189 I assume? What are the chances of getting 190 NSW invite with 75 points this year?

  3. In case I don’t get invited for 190 visa by NSW with 75 points this year, next hope is that my work experience gets auto-updated in the EOI once I complete one more year of work in same company with same role. This way I again wait for an invite in 2020 with 75 points for 189 visa & 80 points for 190 visa.

  • Does EOI get auto-updated by recalculating work experience or I need to do it manually?
  • Do I need a new assessment from ACS next year (if I continue in the same company in the same role?

@Anil_Gupta Would really appreciate Anil if you could suggest going for ACS assessment this year or next year?

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I have already answered your question here:

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