Should I give PTE again to increase my points from 65 to 75?

(Anonymous) #1

Thank you Anil for your great support
My consultant submitted the EOI with 65 points on Feb’15-2018, obviously i don’t have any calls yet. I am not in a hurry, but i must do immigration. I would like to know your opinion on,

  1. Should i wait? or do something to improve the points ( My PTE score is 65, still can try for 79)?

  2. My wife cleared her IELTS with 7 average and 6.5 in each, she got masters but ‘0’ working experience - can we get any points from this background?

Thanks in advance

(Anil Gupta) #2

Increase total points with better English Language Score

I strongly recommend to get more points with English Test. You can score 79+ easily in PTE. Use my notes:

Spouse points for Australia PR

Yes, you can get points for spouse as well. Her IELTS English score is good enough for spouse points. But, there are other criteria too that needs to be met.

Use the calculator here to find if you qualify for spouse points.