Should I get to San Ysidro Port Of Entry now to get my I-94 renewed

I have a classic scenario where my passport expired on Dec 11th 2019 along with my I-94; Though I renewed my passport, I did not renew my I-94 as I initially planned to do an international travel mid April. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, I might not be able to do that now and I am left with 2 options:

  1. File nunc pro tunc (my attorney suggested this).
  2. Travel to San Diego (from SFO) as mentioned in wiki to get my I94 renewed. I am not sure if this comes under essential travel (if I have to cross US-Mexico border).

Thoughts ?

Its better to file Nunc Pro Tunc keeping in mind current travel situation.

Anil, Thanks for your prompt response. My attorney says traveling to the port of entry is preferred as NPT has a high risk of denial and uncertain process times. In your opinion, do you think the ongoing US - Mexico travel restrictions (limiting to essential travel) affect my case ?

I cannot really say what’s happening on the ground on the border.

If you think going to border os better option, go ahead.

@karthikjay @Anil_Gupta I am in same situation, i94 expired with old passport but H1b still valid. But the PedWest has been closed as of April 4th :frowning:

PedEast is still open but I dont think they do i94 extensions?

@harsham I called CBP customer service and got the confirmation that all Ped-west tariff is re-routed to PedEast facility. So, last friday, I crossed the border and entered via Ped-east facility and I got a new I-94. Also, today, USCIS issued a notification but I am not sure if it covers expired I-94 though !

@karthikjay Please share your experience in detail. Are you also on H1b visa? Since US borders are closed, are H1 workers allowed re-entry?

@harsham Please follow the guidelines mentioned in wiki. My detailed experience is as follows:

  1. Flew to San Diego, took a rental car.
  2. Using google maps, drove to LAZ Parking (next to San Ysidro). Parked the car and walked over to the San Ysidro border office.
  3. The guards outside the office asked me why I am visited and told me I need to cross the border; which I did. the border itself is 5 minute walk.
  4. After getting into Mexico, they put a stamp in my passport and asked me if I have got fever, headache, cold etc.
  5. After I got into Mexico, took a right turn and it will lead you to US boarder crossing; Upon reaching the border, the officer asked me to pay I-94 fee and asked by old, new passports, I797, got my fingerprints and gave me an updated stamp and I94.
  6. Rescheduled the flight since the whole process was over in 2.5 hours. Flew back the same day evening.

Thank you @karthikjay

I might lose my job & I need to get my i94 extension ASAP.

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Hi Harsha,
I’m in the same situation, my I-94 expired in Mar,2020 same as my my old passport validity, i have new passport, valid I-797, visa on my old passport but expired I-94.
Please share your experience if you already done your I-94 extension.
Thank you.