Should I file taxes now to be eligible for stimulus payment

Status of my 2018 tax return (h1b + h4(ITIN))
2019 return (h1b + h4(SSN) + child (SSN).

Since IRS had already started sending out stimulus payments, is it too late for me to file a tax return (2019) to make myself eligible to get the stimulus checks ? @Anil_Gupta

You can file now. Its never too late until you have received the payment.

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Read the question no 14 no one with ssn and spouse itin will get stimulus package . So plz don’t spread wrong info .

@Avkumar Please read the whole thread before answering. I was asking Anil if it is too late to file taxes (since my wife has SSN for 2019 but she only had ITIN for 2018) and his suggestion was to file it to see so that if they haven’t processed my case yet, they will use the latest 2019 tax return.

Hey Anil Gupta was also posting and confirmed that some one with H1B ssn and H4 spouse with ITIN will get stimulus package .so I am just requesting stop spreading false information .

Hi @Avkumar

I am just sharing what people are reporting themselves.

Offcourse, i cannot check their individual bank accounts.

You could have done a little bit of research before using harsh words! I am just trying to help.

People are reporting that they have received payment with H1B SSN + H4 ITIN.