Should I file for I-90, had green card earlier, now on H4 in USA?

Hello All,

I’m on H4 visa since Jan 2016. I applied for H4-EAD which got denied stating I’m Lawful Permanent Resident.

I had visited the United States back in July 1996 on Immigrant Visa and left country within a month and never returned till 01/2016 on H4 visa

Technically I have abandoned the LPR but when I visit USCIS office. I was told, system shows that I’m on LPR and I can apply for I-90

So my question is should I apply for I-90? If approved will there be any consequence in future?

Please guide

thank you

If the USCIS records still show that you have valid LPR status, then, I do not see any issue with applying for I-90 at this time.

You should go ahead and do it.