Section 19 part 4 Form i539 for h4 visa extension - working as independent contractor

hi i would like to know how to answer section 19 of part 4 in I539 form for h4 visa extension as i am in independent contract agreement with a real estate brokerage firm on a commission basis ( no fixed salary) as per sales since last 6 months and till now i have zero income.

Do i need to answer yes for section 19, if yes then what documents i have to attached along with the form.

How are you working on H4 visa?

You are NOT allowed to work until you have H4-EAD work permit.

I have my valid h4 EAD

Form i539 Q 19

Then, you have to answer β€˜Yes’ to Q 19.

But i am still dependent on my spouse for financial support. So how do I need to explain about my employer and income , do i need to provide any attachment along with the form in this support.

It does not matter if you have any income or not.

You only need to declare that you are working and have valid work authorization to work.

All the income part will be tagged to your SSN number and no need to worry about it.

Ok thanks for your help.

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