San Francisco SFO Indian Embassy Power of Attorney Attestation Experience

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HI @mkhatri19
You can use any size paper. There is no specific requirement from Indian embassy.

Generally, people use A4 size paper.

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How long does it take for you to receive the package from consulate!

I am also in the same position. Please let me know!


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How long does it take to receive the POA from consulate?

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How long does it take for you to get the docs back from consulate! Pls let me know!

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Applied by mail

Complete the Miscellaneous Services Application and get all the documents Notarized if you are sending by mail, you can use UPS for notary, they charge 10 $ per document.

Documents that are to be notarized

  1. Visa status – I’m on F1,i have enclosed a copy of OPT EAD and a letter stating that I have applied for OPT-extension only if you had applied and waiting for opt extension
  2. Proof of Residence – Driving License
  3. first 5 and 2 pages of Indian passport
  4. Passport in original
  5. Apostilled Original document to be attested state governor office ,they charge 3 $ per document, the office was near to me ,so I went in person it took 15 mins ,if that’s not possible you can send through mail it will take around a week
  6. POA documents to be attested
  7. Cashier’s cheque Cashier’s Check/Money Order should be drawn in favour of CONSULATE GENERAL OF INDIA, SAN FRANCISCO" ,its 22$ if you don’t need a photo ,with photo its 32$
  8. pre-paid return mailing envelope for return mail .

Total cost ( 50$ notary +15 $ mail+3$ Apostilled fee +$22 consulate fees+ 10$ printouts)= 100$

I have sent the documents on 04/17/2019 ,it was sent back to me on 04/22/2019 ,the processing was very fast ,will update more once I receive the documents.

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Hi @manoj_m

Thanks for sharing your experience with SFO embassy.
I am confused with last part though. You say that you received the documents back on 4/22.

Do you mean that your POA was sent to you after attestation by SFO embassy on 4/22? If yes, then what documents are you waiting on currently?

Can you help clarify?

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I’m waiting on POA attestation done by SFO embassy,the return shipping tracking was activate today morning

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For Power of Attorney at Embassy do I need to take any property papers? And where does one paste photo on the POA document.

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Hi @kmurthy
There is no need to take property papers.

Sample Power of attorney is given here.