Sample Invitation letter for B1 B2 visa to invite relatives parent or friends


(Anil Gupta) #1

You can use this sample ‘letter of invitation’ for the purpose of applying B1/B2 visitor visa.

The text in this letter assumes that, you, the sponsor lives in Florida and inviting your mother to visit USA.

See this letter in WORD format here. Or copy the text from below and use.

B1/B2 Visa Invitation letter points to note

  1. The letter talks about inviting for only 2 months. This is strongly recommended even though you intend your parents (or visitor) for up-to 6 months in USA.
    Do not worry, B1/B2 visa would still be given for 10 year multiple entry.

  2. The sponsor here is assumed to be living and working in Florida on H1B visa. If you are living in some other state, do NOT forget to change the name of state as per your situation.

  3. It is okay to change the text of the letter to talk about doing other things while your parents/visitor are in USA. Be genuine and reasonable. Do not exaggerate the claims.

  4. If you are a Green card holder or a US citizen, you can use the same format.

  5. If you are inviting your parents/relative to attend marriage in USA, do write about it in this letter AND include the marriage invitation card as a PROOF.

Please note that visa officer can also call the banquet hall to verify the Marriage card’s authenticity. They are pretty good at finding fraud.

  1. If you are expecting a baby birth and want to invite your parents for the baby’s care, we strongly recommend to NOT write this information in the letter.
    Most of the times, the Visa interview officer will think that you are inviting your parents to do a specific job in USA (i.e. baby care), which goes against the B1/B2 visa rules.
    The chances of visa rejection are HIGH in this case.

Sample Consulate letter to Visa officer for B1 B2 visa to invite relatives parent or friends