Sample format for Supervisor declaration of Experience functions for ACS (ICT-BA)

Dear Anil,

I worked for multiple companies (Total 5) and have experience and reliving letters but not in the format specified by ACS. Its becoming a difficult task to get them done by HR’s. None of my superiors or colleagues are at the moment employed either in their last organisation or project.

Is that possible if a supervisor of mine who currently might be working in a different organisation now provides me self declaration attesting my roles & functions of my previous company? I can support that with my payslips and other docs. Can you guide me what are the docs required along with format in which he needs to declare etc? I am planning to contact my previous managers who may be currently working in different organisations to attest my past working.

Thanks a lot.

You can share your pay slips and bank statements along with the co-worker statutory letter to make your case stronger.

It is okay if the supervisor is working in a different company now.

Thanks Anil,

  1. Does the co-worker needs to provide any of his documents from previous organisation like His Payslip, Experience letter etc or Only mine is required.
  2. Also, Do i need to attach only first and last payslip or payslip for entire tenure for the said company.
  3. Also bank statement only for The first and last month to validate the payslip or complete bank statement for entire tenure?
  4. Can I provide co-worker statutory letter + First and last Payslip + Company Relieving letter/Resignation acceptance letter/Service letter in company letter head? Will these combination will be sufficient.
  5. Also in the thread provided it only provides sample experience letter and not co-worker statutory declaration format. Any format you can help with?
  6. Can I get the coworker statutory declaration in 100 Rupees stamp paper and notarize it?

Thank you,

It is your choice how many payslips and bank statements you want to submit. The more you submit, the better it is.

Some details about ACS statutory letter:

It is your choice if you want to provide company relieving letters/service letters. They may help prove your case.