Salary Paid in cash but CO asks for third party documents

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I have got a CO contact on 3-April-2019 for my 189 visa for providing third party documents for employment proof for my first company (from 2010-20111). In that company I was paid my salary as cash in hand and there was no PF and tax deduction. I did not file my ITR also for year 2010 and 2011.

What should I do? Can I submit an affidavit from employer stating that I was paid in cash without PF deduction ? Someone has any template for such affidavit?

CO Request Details:

Evidence of employment

Position: Software Engineer Employer name: XXX Date from: 01/04/2010 Date to: 13/06/2011

Please also provide additional evidence including but not limited to; Bank statements showing payment of salaries into personal bank accounts; Taxation Documents; Monthly social security payments (EPF Contributions) for employees.

NB: I still have 75 points (which I claimed), if they remove this experience from my total experience (I should have done that in EOI and Visa application). Is there anything that I can request them to no to consider this experince …like that by providing any self declaration?

FORMAT of the affidavit I am planning to submit:

I worked with “ABC Pvt Ltd” designated as “Software Engineer” from (DATE) to (DATE)

I would like to highlight a few points related to this particular employment of mine with “ABC Pvt Ltd”.

  1. My salary for the whole period of my employment with “ABC Pvt Ltd” was made as cash payment from (DATE) to (DATE) and hence there is no bank statement available with me for this employment.

  2. There were no Provident fund (Superannuation) and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) deduction from the gross salary.

I had uploaded the following documents on immiaccount for this particular company.

  1. Roles and Responsibility letter on company letterhead
  2. Payslips
  3. Appointment letter
  4. Experience letter
  5. Relieving letter
  6. Salary certificate

Apart from the above uploaded documents, I don’t have any other third party document to support my employment with “ABC Pvt Ltd”.

I would also like to inform the department that the 10 points which I am claiming for my work experience would not be affected even if my employment with “ABC Pvt Ltd” is not considered due to lack of third party evidences as I still have beyond 5 years of assessed work experience from another employer.

I hence request the department to make a decision as per the assessment policies.


I, hereby declare that all the available documents submitted in relation to my employment with “ABC Pvt Ltd” are genuine documents and I am not in a position to provide any additional evidences apart from what have already been provided due to their non availability.

Thank you.

I don’t think this kind of declaration that you are planning to give will have any effect.

Dealing in cash does not make any sense and gives an impression that you or your Employer were trying to hide or evade taxes. This is considered a negative point in your profile.

You cannot really prove the employment if the salary was paid in cash and you did not even file income tax for that period.

You should have probably shown it as gap period if you did not have any proof on paper to prove your claims.

Anyways, if you do not provide any proof and if it does not reduce your points, then CO will process your application without this Employment detail.

You should get approval as it does not reduce your total points.

Yea, I could have done this at the time of EOI and Visa application, where I should not have claimed points for this. BUT that is already done by mistake.

Could You please tell me what I can do it for now? I don’t think I can ask CO to not ot consider that point.

As i already said that if you do not submit the proof, the CO will process your application without it.

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I have a small query on how to file for acs documentation.

In the beginning of my employment years i was salaried as cash payment and later it was turned into bank statement.
Now the problem persists is my organisation could not give any salary certificate and pay slips.

Please suggest me on how to get ride of this problem. thanks in advance.

Hi @Anil_kumar

If your employer is not ready to give you salary slips for the cash payments, then you are out of luck. I do not think that you can really use it as a valid work experience time.