Roles & Responsibilities document's content for Software Engineer 261313 for ACS

Hi folks, I am preparing the Roles & Responsibilities document to send to ACS for all the companies I have worked with. I am at a loss regarding till what level it should be detailed?
I do understand that it should match with the sample R&R document ACS provides for 261313 (Software Engineer) but still, I am not sure if what I have prepared till now is correct or not. I am posting an excerpt, with personal & project details redacted. Can someone kindly take a look and comment?

Is it too detailed and almost looks like a resume? What is missing and should be included ? What should be removed from this document? Any help would be highly appreciated!

To Whomsoever It May Concern
This is to certify that MyName [Employee ID: xxx] was working with Company-1 at Bangalore as a Full-Time employee from date to date as a Software Engineer .

His roles and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Worked on the design, implementation/coding, testing, release and bug fixing of our in-house product called Base))), company1’s Business Operations Management Platform which is a platform for end-to-end operations management
  • As part of the product team, I worked closely with the platform architecture team and the solution architecture team to compile a list of features scheduled to be designed, coded, tested and released in the next (bi-weekly) release cycle to the end-users.
  • Implemented/coded the features using Core Java
  • Worked with the manual testing team to fix bugs found during the user testing phase by debugging the code using Bugzilla, Eclipse, JBoss application server.
  • Designed the ‘xxx-Internal Server’ module using jBPM (along with architecture team) to implement the workflow and integrated it with the current release,
  • Designed and coded a system-wide logger module using Log4J for the project, optimized the logger class creation for memory issues,
  • Did POC on Drools coded it using Core Java & Drools and integrated it in the project,
  • Designed and coded the xxxxx-Management IS module for retrying failed/unprocessed Mule events,
  • Coded and unit tested the Hibernate classes & hbm files for data persistence,
  • Used SOAP & REST web services, xml, xsd, to pass data from web portal to the framework for processing,
  • Used JMS Queues, Mule ESB to create a system for communication between different modules of the project
  • Wrote new SQL/HSQL queries to read from the database, as well as optimized existing queries for better performance
  • Used Spring DI & Spring MVC to design & code the front-end application layer
  • Used JCS (Java caching) for performance optimization
  • Responsible for doing unit testing & integration testing of the code written using jUnit & jMock.
  • Wrote technical design and implementation documentation for Logger module, xxxxx-Management IS module and BPM-Internal server module using Atlassian tool Confluence.
  • Initiate discussions about writing clean and robust code and increasing unit test coverage by integrating Sonar into Eclipse.
  • Helped the new hires to get up to speed by giving sessions on the technical aspects of the Base project architecture and helped them to setup their local sandbox


This is to certify that MYname [Employee ID: XXXX] was working with Company2 at Bangalore as a Full-Time employee from date1 to date2 as a Senior Java/J2EE Developer.

During his tenure, the name of the company changed from companyname1 to companyname2

His roles and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Created high level and low-level architectural design and functional design using UML tool Visio.
  • Interacting with the client LifeLock to gather requirements, translating them to technical requirement documents.
  • Architected the Reconciliation workflow for Identity Management using JBPM, Core Java, jUnit & Mockito
  • Database modelling and relational mapping working closely with Database Architects.
  • Coding in Java/J2EE technologies: Core java, Spring Batch, EJB, Web Services and Apache Wickets,
  • Maintain the codebase by fixing bugs using tools like Bugzilla
  • Implementing correct coding practices by using Sonar integration in Eclipse IDE to detect code smells and potential buggy code, increasing unit test coverage.
  • Developing Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Functions for fetching the complex database results,
  • Interfacing with external CRM tools like RightNow, SalesForce and various external credit monitoring vendors using B2B and SOAP based services
  • Ensure more than 75% Unit test coverage using jUnit and Sonar. Writing Integration testing using JMock,
  • Conducted regular code reviews and functionality reviews using the tools like Fisheye and Crucible,
  • Code deployment on Weblogic to different testing regions (dev,qa,stage etc) using Jenkins, Bamboo builds employing Maven scripting,
  • Team management and Status reporting to client and internal managers in daily Scrum meetings
  • Provide support during QA, business testing, production deployment,
  • Production/ On Call support,
  • Mentoring new hires by giving sessions on complete overview of the project.
  • Conducting interviews for new hires.
  • Implemented the best practices of agile development methodologies, leading to a shorter development and release cycle and a practice of daily scrums.
  • Create LOE (Level of effort) estimation documents to estimate the time (in man-hours) required to complete a new functionality
  • Prepare and give POC demos and release demos to clients, users and other relevant stakeholders


This is to certify that myname [Employee ID: XXXXXX] was working with company3 as a Full-Time employee from date1 to date2 as a Member Technical Staff . During his tenure, he worked in 2 locations: Chennai and Bangalore.

His roles and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Analyze the business, functional & non-functional requirement of the SYPP (Sell Your Past Purchase) project
  • Create LOE document estimating the man-hours needed to design, code, test and release the project to production.
  • Designed the complete SYPP project generating high level and low level design document, coded it using Core Java, Hibernate, MongoDB, JSP and eBay’s own proprietary api’s, unit tested and manual tested it, finally released into production.
  • Conducted code review meetings with other architects and developers to find bugs, improve performance of the SYPP project codebase using multithreading, caching (JCS, Hibernate caching).
  • Researched various ways of increasing the lead generation (via email/phone etc) for car dealers using existing or new solutions, which led to a project “Price Alerts”
  • Designed the Price Alerts project and created a high level and low level design document including system design, database design, service design, api design etc.
  • Coded the Price alerts project including the Batch job using Spring Batch, Service using Spring & Core Java, JSP, unit tested and integration tested it, released it into production
  • Handle bugs in existing project codebase using Atlassian JIRA
  • Created high level & low level design document for Save vehicles project, coded it.
  • Authoring REST services to be consumed by our other internal web applications using Spring REST & Hibernate.
  • Maintaining the code infrastructure by adding more unit test coverage (using Sonar reports)
  • Created various spring batch jobs to read daily vehicle offers supplied by OEM’s and load them into the inventory database.
  • Created various REST web services to convert the monolithic code into micro services, which interact with each other for data.
  • Doing code reviews.
  • Mentoring new hires.
  • Introduced the Test Driven Development practice in my project

Hi @manish41711

It looks good.

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I compared it with other sample RnR’s. Doesn’t mine look almost like a resume? Is it not too detailed? I found other RnR’s to be very generic in nature. Should I make mine more generic and remove project level details?

Am I making it too granular/low-level detail; and is each line talking about a very small detail? Should some points need to be clubbed together into a more generic statement?

Hi @manish41711

It is not possible to recommend or evaluate your resume for those minute details on public forum. It takes time and probably nobody will have time to read and suggest you anything with those deep details.

There are professional paid services for this type of work. If you are interested, send me a private message.

No no, I mean the opposite. I do not want my RnR to look like a resume. I just wanted to see if the details are too detailed and length is correct etc. And if I should make any changes etc? Anyways thanks @Anil_Gupta .