Role change H1B Amendment denied? What are the options?

My H1B petition is valid for next 3 years but my company filed an Amendment due to material change of my role and responsibilities.
New LCA has been posted too.

Question -

  1. Is amendment under same level of scrutiny as extension?
  2. In case of a amendment denial by USCIS, will my previous approved petition end date still be binding or amendment decision will override it?
  3. Legally, am I allowed to withdraw my case if it runs to a RFE? Please advise.
  1. Everything is under same level of scrutiny. Nobody can say this with 100% confidence that USCIS will be lenient for a specific type of H1B application. So, assume that it will be looked into carefully.

  2. In case of amendment denial, previous H1B’s approved date will be binding and you will have to go back to your old role, if you want to continue working.

  3. Your employer can withdraw your H1B amendment anytime, even during the RFE phase.

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