RN law H4 ead litigation - case approved, USCIS opposition

Hello Anil,
I got h4 and h4 ead approved through litigation. I also received my card on Jan 18.

Today, I got an email from the litigation team that we have responded to the Govt’s motion for my EAD case on Feb 3 and they get 7 days to reply to our opposition from 2/3.

I am a little worried about whether it will affect my current EAD and also future one( We are applying for our extension soon probably this month).

Can I ask them to withdraw my case? Please let me know.

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Hi @Anjana

Can you share more details about this case?

Do you mean to say that USCIS contested the case in federal court against your case?

Assuming your case is one of the several H4 EAD cases in RN group’s litigation, has USCIS approved only your H4 EAD or several others?

By looking at your question, it seems only some of the EADs have been approved in the litigation and some are still pending. Is it true?

If its true, then there is no need to worry if your H4 EAD has already been approved.

You can withdraw your court case but RN law won’t withdraw if there are other H4 EADs still pending as part of group litigation.

Can you give me more details on how to file litigation?

Hi @Dhara_Kapadia

Here are the details about how to join RN law H4 EAD litigation.

Hi Anil,

My EAD is going to expire on October 2020. I filed for my H4EAD Extension (standalone) on August 26 2020 - Texas Centre. My husband’s employer filed H1B and H4 extension concurrently - Texas Centre. My husband’s H1B got Approved, but H4 still in processing (receipt received-August 6 2020). I have not yet received Bio-metric Appointment for H4.

  1. Do I need Bio-metric for H4EAD extension, although filed standalone (Previous bio-metric was not given, but had 2 previous H4EAD extensions)?
  2. Can I request USCIS to expedite my H4EAD based on H1B Approval (The only supporting doc I have is Employer Letter)?
  3. Is H4 Bio-metrics tied to H4EAD if both are filled separately, even though I have H1B Approved?
  4. Post 30 days should I reach out to USCIS to expedite, if they deny, then to Congressmen, if they deny then I file for litigation?
  5. Is it better to file standalone litigation with my Immigration Lawyer or join the group via RN Firm? I am skeptic on the Approval chances, via RN Law Firm as they are 95% sure it might go through, but cannot confirm.

Please share your thoughts!

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Hi BB,

I am also in similar situation did you expedite the case? I am also planning to join RN litigation but don’t know anyone recently got approved with litigation


Even I am on the same boat! Any updates from others ? Is it too late to join the litigation now ?

Am even in the same boat. Not sure if there are any ways to get it done ASAP.

Hello Folks,
My H4 and H4-Ead were filed on July 16 2020 and Aug 5th 2020 respectively. As of today, have not even received my Biometric appointment. My current H4EAD expires on Feb 25th 2021 due to which I will loose my job.
I am exploring my options to expedite this process. One of the options I found is to file H4-EAD litigation which is pretty convincing to me. Can you please advise if anyone has gone through this route with their case details?
what can be the Pros/Cons of taking this step?

Thanks in advance !

which law firm did you use for the litigation

expedite is a waste of time, 99% of the time they are not approving it.