RFE response time for I140 EB1C?


My RFE for I140 EB1C category was responded and USCIS website got updated after couple of weeks…now today is 85 day from the date the DHS USCIS website status changed to “RFE response Received…”.

Is this normal timelines these days (+85 days) for RFE’s adjustment for I140 EB1C.

Also, does it makes sense to raise SR from organization, heard that raising SR by organization might create negative sentiments with case officer?

Yes, the normal processing time for i140 RFE is 90+ days.

There are no negative sentiments from case officer if you raise an SR (service request). Hundreds of people raise SR everyday and USCIS officers are professionals. They know how to handle the SR requests with care.
Don’t believe baseless rumors.