RFE response submission to Nebraska center after premium proc suspension

Please see below scenario with same employer.
Extension filed ->New client B joined -> RFE came on Client details of A -> RFE is about to submit.

I have below question-

  1. Will application be transferred to another center since there is change of client with in same MSA?
  2. Do I need to upgrade to premium processing?

Hi @Rajesh

H1B application transfer to different USCIS service center

USCIS takes the decision of transferring applications based on their work load.
I cannot guess.

H1B upgrade to premium

Normally, we would suggest to upgrade your application to premium to get faster result, as in your case.

But at this time, H1B premium processing has been suspended. Today is the last day!

Thanks Anil for quick response.
H1b extension file premium processing is not stopped I believe. It is only for h1b transfer or h1 b cap.

Hi @Rajesh

All types of H1B premium processing has been stopped with some exceptions like ‘Cap exempt’ employer at California center.

Please check the link i gave above for snapshot of suspension service center wise.

So when extension was filed there was no change. New client joined in SAME MSA then RFE came latter. In this situation does it qualify for premium processing as when extension filed there was no change and during extension client/Project changed.

Since it is in same MSA LCA has been filed. No amendment

Did you file any H1B Amendment for client/project change?

ok…then, your application should be eligible for premium processing at Nebraska.

I have application at Nebraska center, same employer and submitting RFE response. So in this case it won’t be in Premium processing?

At Nebraska, you can still apply for ‘Premium processing’ if your extension application has ‘No change’ from previous approved H1B.