RFE replied but USCIS status changed to Denied directly

Hi Anil,

I am in very confusion situation, I got RFE on JAN 14 2019 and my attorney responded on Feb 4 2019 and USCIS status got changed to Denied( Desision Notice Mailed) Feb 6 Today early morning.

It typically need to show RFE Response received but that is not happened in my case.

Do you think this way it can happen?

Mine was in Normal processing Ammendment + Extension. We filled H4 extension also with my H1 but H4 status is showing as Case received

Sorry to hear that.
It is possible that USCIS skipped the status of ‘RFE received’.
The chances are high that your case has been denied. Please check with Attorney as they will receive the official letter from USCIS with the reasons for denial.

Hi Anil,

Today My case is changed to “Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It” Which means RFE Response received and yesterday status is just an Technical issue?

One More general question. Is there is an cooling period to file one more extension with same client and location immediately after current extension denies

Ok… that gives some oxygen and a sign of relief.
Looks like USCIS is messing up in big way these days.

There is no cooling off period time.
But, unless you fix the denial reason, you new application money is going to be wasted with one more denial.

Also, if the denial comes after your i94 has expired, then you can’t work simply on the basis on filing another extension.

So, plan accordingly.