RFE on H4 to F1 conversion - evidence of physical attendance at the campus

Hi Anil,

My spouse had filed for an F1 student visa as she is on H4 dependent currently.
She is already enrolled in one of the Masters program here in US.

We recently got an RFE on Our H4 to F1 change of status request from USCIS that they need certain evidences listed as : Latest transcripts, I20 (Current term) and evidence of her physical attendance at the campus.

We have got both latest transcripts and I20 for her but we are bit worried on her attendance part as the H4 visa holders are not mandatory to attend the residency classes that happen once every term at the college campus which is far away from our home.
Could you please guide us what can be done here to address RFE in this case. When spoke to college representative they told that it is well known to USCIS that H4 holders are not mandated to attend the classes in person.
Please guide whats your thoughts on this.

Ankit Jain

Hi @Ankit_Jain

I have not heard of this RFE before. I will check and reply later.

But, in cases where something requested by USCIS is not applicable to your case, you just write a cover letter explaining that it is not applicable to your case.
USCIS officers just send the RFE requesting all documents and you can explain it.

You can also attach University email as a supporting document with your cover letter.