Revoking H1B before approval status

My old employer applied for my H1B extension 15 days before expiring, at that time I had 15 day of I797 and extra 10 of I94 (I797 expires May 30 , I94 expires jun 09), but I had a new job offer and my new company applied for Visa transfer and that got approved by May 13 (17 days before my current I797 expires).

I joined my new company Jun 07, which means I worked 7 days with my old company based on H1b extension filed.

  1. so now my question is if my old company revoke the H1B extension before the status update
  • The 7 days I worked with them will be out of status ?
  • is it true That I can work if you extension is filed and even if you receipt is not received ?
  • since my new company I797 got approved in same region before my old i797 expired will that cover any of this issue ?

You are fine as long as you applied for H1B extension before your i94 expiry.

It is normal for old employers to withdraw the H1B once you have left them.