Return while current H-1B has expired and extension is in process

Hello Anil,

I am currently in the USA, working for a client through Indian based IT service company. My H-1B is expiring on July 9, 2020 and I-94 on July 19, 2020. H-1B Petition is under process for extension (filed on April 24, 2020). I am still waiting for the result.

Due to unavailable situation, I need to return to India in October 2020. If my petition for extension gets approved (hopefully before October 2020) and my client allows me to travel to India and work from there(India) from October 2020 until I get my H-1B stamped (probably by January 2021), will this affect my US salary during my stay in India from October 2020 to January 2021?
Not sure if I should be posting this question in this forum.

Or let me put it this way… Can I work outside of USA for a US client while petition for extension is approved but visa is not stamped yet in my passport?

Thanks a ton in advance!


Hi @Vinod

I suggest to read my opinion for working on H1B from India here.

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