Resign TCS in USA - Continue Medical Insurance in India?

Hello ,
My query is related to resignation. I am resigning from TCS this month and joining a US company.

The TCS mediassist insurance in India covers my parents in India. Now once I resign, I will lose the mediassist.
Is there are any way by which I can continue with the Mediassist insurance for parents?
I will be paying the cost from my side.

Please advise as this is the main concern for me .

Health insurance in India is group policy

The TCS insurance in India is part of group insurance policy bought by TCS for all employees. The group policy insurance premium rates are pretty low given that they are negotiated on number of employees and at company level.

After resigning from Indian Employer in USA, Buy insurance in India

Once you resign, you have to buy a new policy for your parents and the premium would be different. I would suggest to search the health insurance in open market to get the deals.

MediAssist is a third party service provider, Not Insurance company

As far as I know, MediAssist is just a third party facilitator and not the insurance provider.
Each Insurance company has their own affiliated providers that provide a service to connect you with insurance company.

Once you buy the insurance policy from open market, the insurance company will give you information about their own preferred service provider.