Research and Development Manager (132511- ANZSCO)

Hi all,

I’m working in the humanitarian aid sector and currently responsible for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as Regional Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Specialist. I have over 10 years of experience in different countries doing the same job. I looked at the skilled list, and the Research and Development Manager (132511- ANZSCO) matched my experience. Could anyone confirm/ share his/ her experience for the same skill set, whether or not I’m eligible? My job responsibilities include;
• In collaboration with the country offices in the MENA region, identify research topics and coordinate with others (internally and externally) to deepen knowledge in specific areas, and lead high quality, peer-reviewed, research linked to the gender-based violence (GBV), Protection Impact Growth Strategy, women economic empowerment (WEE), Sexual and reproductive health, emergency responses, and a life free from violence.
• Analyze research results and recommend new strategies or new development or innovations in the project approaches.
• Develop and implement a high-quality impact baseline and monitoring system for the GBV Protection Impact Growth Strategy and the overall MENA Strategy based on global indicators, and aligned with country office and regional commitments.
• Prepare regular, user-friendly internal materials to report progress, challenges, and priorities for the programming to keep COs, member partners, and Regional staff updated.
• Proactively work with Advocacy and Communications staff to ensure wide dissemination of the research/ knowledge products in the MENA region and globally

Any information would be highly appreciated.


The only way to know for sure is to file an assessment and then get the result. If you get the positive result then you are eligible to file.