Reschedule US visa interview VAC appointment in India


I have scheduled my US B1/B2 visa VAC appointment at Mumbai for tomorrow at 9:45am. But due to Bharat Bandh announced today, I will not be able to attend for safety reasons. Additionally, I am not getting the option after logging in to reschedule the appointment now.

  1. Can I reschedule the appointment?
  2. Why is the option not showing up to reschedule, is it because there is any time limit or else what’s the reason?
  3. Will i be able to reschedule it tomorrow, if I don’t show up for the interview?

Can you please let me know as soon as possible.

Reschedule US Visa interview appointment

Yes, you can reschedule the visa interview appointment.

Rescheduling is only allowed before 24 hours of Biometrics appointment - India

You are not seeing the option as you have already booked or appeared for your bio-metrics appointment at OFC center.

The rescheduling option is only available up-to 24 hours before OFC fingerprinting appointment.
No official guidance is available from US embassy though. But, this has been observed by various users.

That’s the reason many people book OFC appointment just a day before the actual US embassy interview.
This gives them leeway to reschedule till 48 hours before visa interview.

Reschedule after interview date has passed - No Show

Yes, you can reschedule if you have missed your appointment date and interview.

Your application will be marked as ‘NO SHOW’ after 24-48 hours of your scheduled interview date, and then the rescheduling option will be available to you.

Please note if you are rescheduling the appointments, you may have to reschedule both (OFC and Visa officer) the interview again.

You will not be able to view the no show option. Don’t worry, your receipt will be activated within 24 hrs after the no show is updated in the system.

If you are unable to re-schedule the appointment even after 48 hours, you should contact the US Visa service desk at .

You can log in to your profile on for choosing the available date for rescheduling your interview.

Reschedule visa appointment - Repay Visa Fees?

The visa fee receipt is valid for one calendar year (365 days) from the date of payment.
Hence, you need not pay the visa fee again in order to reschedule your appointment.

Don’t reschedule - My opinion

If possible, do NOT miss your interview date and wait for reschedule.
Rescheduling option in India is highly restricted to avoid fraud.

You should try your best.

No Official information for Rescheduling - India

Note that there is no official information available from U.S. embassy / consulates in India or on the India website.
This information has been obtained by using other people’s experience and support desk.

Not sure why it has not been explicitly mentioned on the website openly.
But, it does leave a big gap and they MAY change it anytime since it has not been officially published!
So, be careful.

Thank you for the reply. As you said, I will try me best to go for the scheduled appointment.

I highly appreciate you taking time to answer everyone’s queries, I will recommend everyone in my contacts that truvisa is the place to find or get a reliable answer relating to visa related queries.

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Thanks a lot @SUHAS_MAHAJAN
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