Renewing indian passport in USA - "Have you ever applied passport but not issued ?"

I am trying to renew my indian passport from USA and staying in USA since last 6 years or so. In VFS global website there is an option to click Yes/No for this question … “Have you ever applied passport but not issued ?”
Actually in 2007-2008 , i applied passport when i was in india and i was not present at the location while police verification and so they did not issued the passport and eventually it got rejected . Later i re-applied again by furnishing all details about my previous application and later got my passport . Again now i need to renew my passport and got stuck at the above question.
Do i need to mention Yes or No for passport not being issued question in passport online govt application . If i click “Yes” it is asking for the application file number for which my passport was not issued in 2007. Unfortunately i dont have all those details and i asked VFS customer care about this and they are saying to put “No” as i don’t have that older information but i should not hide the past situation.
I am really worried about this situation and looking for some suggestions/help if anyone has idea on overcoming this situation. Appreciate your help …