Reinitiate h1 when h4 ead application is pending

Hi Anil,

I have my H4 EAD application pending after 10 months. I am planning reactivate my h1b and work on it in the mean time. In this case when I reinitiate my h1 what will happen to my pending h4 ead application.
Will it be abandoned?

Once you get on to H1B status and lose rhe H4. USCIS may deny your H4 EAD if they have the records that you have moved on to H1B or they may send an RFE to send proof of H4 status.

It depends on the USCIS officer.

Thanks for the update Anil.

Hi Anil,

My H1B maxed out on July 3rd and I applied for H4 COS before, so that I can continue to stay in the US. My PERM application was approved on July 1st and my employer is processing my I-140 on premium. Once I-140 is approved my employer has agreed to apply for my H1B COS on premium.

I read lot of threads on your website that, my H1B cannot be approved unless H4 COS is approved. And I cannot even goto India to get my H1B stamped since there is a travel ban in place and visas are not being processed. What will happen in my case?

I replied to your question on the other thread you have.