Regarding H4 EAD Lawsuit - Mandamus - Suggestion

Hi Anil,
I need opinion on H4 EAD Lawsuit . We have filed my spouse H4 EAD extension at Vermont (standalone) on September 10 , 2021 and current EAD is going to expire on March-05-2022. As you might be aware , the EAD processing is taking several months and planning to file H4 EAD Lawsuit Mandamus to get fast approval to avoid Job lose. We have gone through your Article (H4 EAD Lawsuit for Fast Approval (Does it work?) - USA) and it seems it will be cost around $ 4500 . Can we wait for couple of days to file law suit or file now itself to save time ? Please advise.


Anil@ Appreciate your earliest response

Hi Kalpesh ,
Any suggestions ?

The article by @Anil_Gupta is very well drafted , not sure what is your question here. You can file the case today if you decide to do so.

Thank you. I believe these cases will not be impacted our green card in future.

No, any such case will not impact any USCIS decisions on future petitions.

Thank you Kalpesh. I will go through our Truvisa suggested attorney. Once again Thank you

Kalpesh@ last question. I hope pre expedite request is not mandatory before file a mandamus . am I Right ?