Regarding ACS Assessment and Work Experience (Visa 189) Code- 261111

Hi Team, I have below queries needs your expert advise-

  1. I been employed permanent full time in a company and meanwhile I also worked free lancing out in another country for which the company provided work visa and I traveled time to time.
    Now for 189 Visa my permanent company will only declare the location as my Home country in my experience letter, but then I have to get the PCC from that country and In Passport their is visa for travel of country. Will that be a problem to have concurrent employment?
  2. Their was a gap of 1.5 years where i took a time for personal reasons (travel, exploration etc) and was not employed and did not file tax returns. Do i need to submit the tax for that period as well? or only the period I was employed?
  3. I want to apply 189 for self and having 75 points and planning to apply for partner in later stage (after securing something in Australia) will that affect my candidature where CO will say why you are not bringing your family along?

Thanks a lot for help in advance.

Concurrent Employment

There is no problem with concurrent employment but your work experience can only be counted once for 40 house s per week.

Income Tax documents for Gap period

Income tax documents bare optional. If you do want to upload, just last 3 years IT returns are fine.

Income tax documents for gap period are not required.

Spouse declaration

You will have to declare your spouse information if you plan to apply for her PR now or later.

Thanks Anil,

So how an experience will be calculated by ACS in below scenario if the experience letters provided to ACS as below-
(i) Company X:
Duration- From 01.01.2015 to 01.01.2018
Type- Full Time.
Location - Gurgaon (India).
Total Exp in Months - 37 Months
(ii) Company Y:
From 01.06.2018 to 01.12.2018
Type-Full Time
Location- Gurgaon (India)
Total exp in Months - 06 Months.

(iii) Company Z:
From 01.10. 2017 to Till now.
Type - Full Time.
Location - Dubai (UAE).
Total exp in Months - 17 Months.


Please add your completed weeks of work and then convert them into months.

You can read about how ACS calculates your total work experience here.

Hi Anil, Thanks but still not clear.

Again I worked in Company X from 01.01.2015 till 01.01.2018 and in Company Z From 01.10. 2017 Untill now.
So should I calculate my Full time working weeks for Company X from 01.01.2015 till 01.01.2018 and then Calculate remaining experience from Company Z from 02.01.2018 on-wards to till now.
Even though my experience letter for Company Z is showing my experience from 01.10. 2017?


You cannot double count the the weeks. So, you either choose work from Company X or Company Z where you were working for both at the same time.

Hi Anil,

What are the chances of getting 190(NSW) Visa under 261111 with 80 points(estimated)?
Also i am going to finish my 1 year experience by 21-Jan-2020. Do i need to apply for ACS after that or i can apply now itself?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @bukkasamudram

You can apply for ACS assessment anytime you like. There is no use of estimating anything until you have actually filed EOI.

Hi @Anil_Gupta.
EOI filed today. May i know the chance of getting state(NSW) Invitation with 90 points - including state points? BTW, occupation code is 261111.

NSW experience: Jan2019 - Present.