Received i797C instead of i797 for i140 - Can I apply H4 EAD?

I received “I 797 C , Notice of Action” - Approval notice for the I-140 my employer has submitted.
Should i have received I 797 instead of I 797 C
Should i be worried i have received this instead?

But the notice clearly says Notice Type : “Approval Notice”, Case Type: I 140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

Also, can i apply for #usa:h4-ead for my spouse with this I 797C? or do i need an I 797?

I797C is generally used for sending information by USCIS.

The actual official approval is printed on i797 form (with better bond paper).

Your employer should receive it soon.

Does the top of i797C say something like “This notice does not grant any immigration status or benefit”?

Sample i797 Approval notice for I140

Sample i797 approval looks like this for I140 applications

Sample USCIS i797C - Notice of action

The same i797C form is sent for I140 too. This is just a notification that your application was “received” or “Approved” or whatever it mentions.