Received H4 EAD approval notice but card was not sent to production yet

Hi Anil,
My Ead was approved as on 6/24. However i have not received the card yet . Looks like the cases approved after 6/19 has not been mailed out yet when i was looking at forums. When i contacted to customer care, i was told that the card was not sent to production yet. i am not sure it is the case with all the case . should i be concerned about this.

USCIS has reduced card printing due to funds shortage and lot of people are facing this problem.

There are delays in card printing by USCIS. You are not alone.

I have heard it from many people and it was in the news as well. The Washington post had written about it.

Yes there are some delays,but we should be fine.

I got the card mailed status for the GC EAD after approximately 30 days.