Questions regarding passport renewal process

I have a few questions. I will be glad if anyone can answer it.

  1. I need my passport immediately so I am applying in the Tatkal scheme. My passport will expire in March 2021. Will I be eligible for Tatkal service?
  2. Also, my Indian address has changed. If I want my Indian address to be printed in my passport, how long the police verification take?
  3. If I provide my India address in the Other address column, will there be police verification or do I need to give proof of address?
  4. I am on F1 visa(student visa) in the US, can I provide my US address to be printed on my passport? (Will this be a faster process than police verification in India?)


  1. I think you should be eligible for the tatkal service.
  2. Police verification can be completed within 2-3 days (I’m not 100% sure as I opted for printing my US address)
  3. I think police verification is not needed.
  4. I think yes and again I’m not 100% sure.

hope this helps!

Thanks Santhosh for answering my questions. However, I am unable to join the group since it is full. Let me know if there are any other groups.

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