Questions regarding attesting power of attorney at San Francisco Indian Consulate


My parents will be taking a housing loan on my behalf in India and the bank will be sending me their own Power of Attorney that I need to get attested from Indian Consulate. I read the steps I need to follow for the entire process i.e. notarize, apostille the document and then send it to consulate for attestation.

I have couple of questions regarding the process:

  • I am here on H1B visa and don’t have anyone who can join me as a witness. So will notary here in California sign the document without 2 witnesses even though PoA has witness section on it and will the Consulate attest it without witness?

  • I still hold Indian Passport. Consulate’s PoA link says to apostille the document whereas their FAQ says apostille is not needed for Indian passport holders. Does anyone know what’s the correct info? I am not able to get a response from the Consulate.

  • If apostille is needed, can we only apostille from Secretary of State? I read that some notary’s also can apostille the document.

  • Since in-person visit in consulate is not allowed right now due to COVID, any idea how much time is the Consulate taking these days to process attestation for the documents?

Thanks in advance!